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New Delhi:  Days before the final votes are cast in the mammoth national election, political parties are battling over the caste of Narendra Modi, the BJP's prime ministerial candidate.
Here is your 10-point cheat-sheet to this story:

    Mr Modi, in his high-octane campaign, has stressed his simple origins to contrast his political credentials with those of Rahul Gandhi, the scion of the Nehru-Gandhi family, who is leading the Congress bid for a third successive term in power. 

    Mr Modi has reminded voters that he sold tea on trains.  Last week, he asked, "Is it a crime to belong to a lower caste?" after Rahul's sister, Priyanka, accused him of trading in  "neech rajniti" or "low-level politics." Mr Modi's reaction to her remarks was seen as an unsubtle move to whisk out the caste card as large parts of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar vote for the next government.

    Bristling at Mr Modi's maneuvering, a Congress leader said yesterday that Mr Modi is "a fake OBC (Other Backward Caste).  The party's Shaktisinh Gohil alleged that after becoming Chief Minister of Gujarat in 2001, Mr Modi used his power to have his caste included in the OBC category.

    But Mr Modi's party says that decision was taken in 1994, when the Congress was in power in Gujarat.  He belongs to the Modh Ghanchi sub-caste.

    "The ruling dynasty of the Congress cannot digest defeat in the hands of a commoner," said BJP leader Arun Jaitley today in a blog.

    Mr Modi is expected to lead his party to the maximum seats in the election, though opinion polls differ on whether the party will land a majority or need to accrue more allies to form the government.

    The Congress and its frontman Rahul Gandhi are grappling with predictions of its lowest-ever election tally after two terms in power with a coalition government. 

    The party is groaning under the weight of a series of corruption scams, failed attempts to revive the lethargic economy, and anti-incumbency

    Mr Modi and the BJP have asked voters to choose him based on the economic development that they say he has brought to Gujarat in his four terms as chief minister.

    Mr Modi's political rivals have been stressing that his inability to stop the Gujarat riots of 2002, in which more than 1,000 people were killed, underscores that he is a divisive leader  who does not enjoy the confidence of minoriites.  A Supreme Court inquiry has said there is no evidence that he colluded in the violence.

Actor-director George Clooney had to propose to lawyer Amal Alamuddin twice because she initially thought he was joking.

The Monuments Men actor, known for his love of pranks, asked Amal to be his wife over dinner at his house last month. (Also Read: George and Amal not planning to have kids)

"George was blown away by her passion, her brains, and sheer force of will," quoted a source as saying.

"Frankly, he'd been worried that someone else would snap her up if he didn't act, so he produced the ring and, much to his relief, she said yes. But he did have to ask her twice! Amal thought he was pranking her at first. Happy isn't a strong enough word to describe them right now," the source added.

The couple are said to be planning an intimate wedding in Italy this summer, with just a select few guests invited to the nuptials.
Entertainment News / Poonam Pandey: Cops Were Worse Than Taliban
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Model and actor Poonam Pandey, who was rudely questioned by Mumbai cops for allegedly "misbehaving" with a man in her car here, has compared the police to the Taliban and has blamed her surname for getting her into trouble. (Also read: Poonam Pandey's Website Hacked, Now Reads 'Pakistan Zindabad')

The incident took place on Saturday night, quite close to her home in Mira Road, and the man she was accused of "misbehaving" with, as it happens, was Poonam's own brother.

"This is worse than the Taliban. It was 10:30 pm. Not even late by metropolitan standards. I was with my brother, my own brother Aditya Pandey, and I wasn't drinking or misbehaving in the car at all, when I was questioned by cops," said Ms Pandey, best known for having threatened to strip if India won the Cricket World Cup in 2011.

Ms Pandey says the cops behaved normally until she identified herself.

"The minute I said I was Poonam Pandey their attitude changed. They began to get aggressive. They wanted to know what I was doing in the car with a man. Woh mera sagaa bhai hai. My blood brother," said the former model whose Bollywood debut in Nasha last year went unnoticed.

Ms Pandey feels she was hauled up only because of who she was.

"The cops felt since I was Poonam Pandey, they could create some excitement in their lives. And they got their eight minutes of fame. Suddenly it's all over on the TV channels. All kinds of strange insinuations are being made about my behaviour, my dress and the company I kept. If I can be pulled up for going on a drive with my brother, I shudder to think what would happen to any girl who goes out there with her boyfriend. I see the Talibanism of Mumbai in the hands of the local administration."

Ms Pandey says her surname does her no favours.

"Maybe the local law and order machinery feels I am from Uttar Pradesh because my name is Pandey, that I am an outsider. But let me inform them that I am a full-blown Mumbai girl born and brought up in the city. And if I wasn't from Mumbai and even if I wasn't with my own brother in the car, and even if I was wearing a skimpy dress, what gives the cops the right to question me and challenge my behaviour? It wasn't as if I was drinking or making out in the car," she said.
Hollywood actress Megan Fox revealed pictures of her two adorable sons, 19-month-old Noah and 11-week-old Bodhi, on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on May 5.

The Jennifer's Body star, who married actor Brian Austin Green in June 2010, told Ellen her sons are her "favourite guys" and explained how to tell them apart: "Bodhi is the little chubby one and then Noah is the one with the lips." (Also read: Megan Fox debuts post-baby body )

Megan, who was pregnant during both her previous appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, joked: "If you want to get pregnant, come see Ellen." She also said both pregnancies were unplanned, adding: "We can't let Brian near me anymore."

Megan was shooting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles while she was pregnant with Bodhi and spoke about how rough a time she had filming the action scenes. "Anyone that's been pregnant knows how first trimester can be pretty rough and you are nauseous all day long. We had pickles in the refrigerator for me and I was just constantly on the verge of vomiting." (Also read: Megan Fox, husband welcome second child )

The Transformers star is also stepmother to Brian's 12-year-old son Kassius.
wo Australian billionaires were pictured fighting like dogs in the street during a brawl reportedly over supermodel Miranda Kerr.

Media mogul James Packer, 46, and Channel Nine TV boss David Gyngell, 47, were caught trading blows on camera by passers-by outside the former's Bondi Beach mansion in Sydney, reported Metro online.

Packer was reported to be angry his former best man has used camera crews to follow him and 31-year-old Kerr, ex-wife of British actor Orlando Bloom.(Also Read: Miranda getting treated for back injury)

Gyngell is said to angry that Packer, who recently split from his second wife Erica Baxter, has become close to the Aussie underwear model.

Bondi resident Chris Walker claimed the pair 'went at it hammer and tongs'.

"Packer packered (sic) a punch but copped a couple of hits straight to the jaw. Then they all fell on the concrete fence and I think the other guy broke his face. They were looking for teeth after he left," Chris posted on Facebook.
Entertainment News / Is Anne Hathaway's Marriage in Trouble?
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Actress Anne Hathaway, who attended the Met Gala alone and left the ceremony on her own, has been fuelling speculation that her marriage to actor Adam Shulman is on the rocks. (Also read: Anne Hathaway 'snuck' in alcohol to the Oscars)

The actress cut a lonely figure as she left the Carlyle Hotel in New York on Monday alone in the back of her chauffeur driven car, reports Showbiz

The duo got engaged in November 2011 and were married on September 29, 2012.

According to a source, Hathaway is trying to scale back her A-list lifestyle to be more relatable and "is undergoing a transformation" so that she isn't perceived as a stuck-up snob.

"She's learned the hard way how popular humility can be for an A-lister. Anne has been giving away a lot of her possessions -such as clothes - mostly to her housekeepers, because she wants to live a less materialistic, decadent lifestyle," said a source.

"She definitely admits that she's been living too high on the hog given these economically tough times for the rest of the country. The big question hanging over everything right now is, will she sell her Los Angeles mansion and downgrade her digs?" added the source.
Entertainment News / Kapil Sharma Rescues Toddler During Show in Surat
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Kapil Sharma recently held a live show in Surat where he expected an audience of 5,000 people but 25,000 showed up.

Amidst the crowd a toddler got separated from her parents, but luckily the comedian found her and took charge of her. The child was only two and half years old. The Comedy Nights With Kapil host said: "She was so young and vulnerable. She couldn't speak. She was just crying. Watching children cry is the most heart breaking experience of my life. The little girl reminded me of my own niece. My heart melted."

Kapil took the girl on stage and called for her parents. The frantic father leapt up on stage only to get a mouthful from Kapil.

"I took the father to task in public. He deserved it. Being a responsible father is the foundation for being a good citizen. We have to learn to take our obligations more seriously," he said.
Actor George Clooney has splurged on an engagement ring for his soon-to-be wife Amal Alamuddin's - the seven-carat diamond is reportedly worth $750,000. (Also read: George Clooney Proposed to Amal Alamuddin over Home-Cooked Meal)

Jeweler Jean Dousett estimates the emerald-cut diamond, which is set in platinum, to cost around $750,000, reports E!

It seems Clooney spared no expense when he finally found the one.
Entertainment News / Lakshmi to Open 16th London Asian Film Festival
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Lakshmi, Nagesh Kukunoor's hard-hitting drama on child trafficking in the country - will open the 2014 edition of the London Asian Film Festival (LAFF).

Lakshmi will have its European premiere at LAFF, a celebration of independent South Asian arts and cinema across London as the gala returns for its 16th year June 1-14.

The film is based on the real-life story of an impoverished 14-year-old girl kidnapped from her village in Andra Pradesh and forced into prostitution and who eventually testified in court against her traffickers. (Also Read: Lakshmi Review)

Nagesh, an acclaimed writer and director, will travel to London for the event, and will be part of a tete-a-tete following the film's screening on June 1 at the London's Tricycle Theatre.

Lakshmi stars newcomer Monali Thakur in the central role, with Ram Kapoor and veteran Satish Kaushik in key roles.

The film had its world premiere in January at the Palm Springs International Film Festival 2014, where it won the audience award for best narrative feature.

Among the other highlights of this year's LAFF are an appearance by filmmaker Vishal Bhardwaj; Pam Chopra, the wife of the late filmmaker Yash Chopra; and Indian-American comedian Nadia P Mansoor as well as films from Pakistan, India and Britain.
Attempts to pull down Tiger Shroff, son of Ayesha and actor Jackie Shroff, have left his family unperturbed, if not downright amused.

The star son is being launched into filmdom by producer Sajid Nadiadwala with Heropanti which is scheduled for a May 23 release. According to a source, once the film's first song and trailer went viral, nasty taunts and barbs started surfacing.

Ayesha doesn't deny that the twitter taunts on Tiger are in all likelihood orchestrated. (Also Read: Aamir Khan speaks about Tiger)

"Perhaps these taunts are orchestrated. I can't really say. But in any case these comments are only a drop in the ocean," she said.

"By and large the response to Tiger has been positive, happy and encouraging. Every potentially great personality has faced his share of ridicule at some point in his life and career," she added.

She would rather laugh about the rude comments than brood over them.
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