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Our International Bulk SMS Solutions are reliable, efficient, and cost-effective suitable to communicate with your recipients. Our coverage is in over 200 countries and 1500 operators.

With the growing popularity and wide usage of Short Messaging (SMS), Bulk SMS, Bulk SMS Gateway, Bulk SMS Server, Bulk SMS , Bulk SMS Campaign, Free SMS was an idea whose time had come. Bulk SMS has multiple applications for businesses, viz. issue immediate alerts to employees about emergencies and critical situations, send important information to key customers or suppliers, thereby ensuring the information is received by the right person at the right time, send greetings to their clients or suppliers, message updates to sales staff, field staff, technicians, and so on and so forth.

If you wish to know how and whether Bulk SMS or Bulk SMS Campaign can be useful in marketing your product or service, or for the smooth running of your business, Contact us or raise the request with us Call Me (+91-9990507737 'Any time') Back for custom-fitting the right kind of Bulk SMS to meet your specific goals.


  • All GSM and CDMA coverage. One of the best Bulk SMS Solutions.
  • Covered All Mobile Service Providers.
  • Send Bulk SMS with your Branded Sender ID from our Online Bulk SMS Program or SMS Excel Plugin.
  • Send Bulk SMS using web based system, Excel SMS Plugin or HTTP API, SMPP.
  • Instant delivery of messages and online delivery status report.
  • Upload the number list from a text file or an excel sheet.
  • Edit/Delete/View Users and Groups.
  • Broadcast single SMS to one or multiple groups.
  • Monitor Delivery Status of the SMS with delivery date and time.
  • Monitor number of SMS Sent, Invalid Numbers, DND Numbers, etc..
  • Track the history of bulk sms sent. A very handy information for bulk sms promotions.
  • Manage users and groups.
  • Manage message templates. A very good feature for Bulk SMS Promotion Campaigns.
  • Schedule messages.
  • A very good feature for Bulk SMS Promotion Campaigns.
  • Developer HTTP API (Can be used to integrate with your software applications).
  • Easy to integrate and deploy. That?s the power of our Bulk SMS Solutions.
  • Free Demo Account. Contact Us. This is the opportunity to test and try our bulk sms program.
  • Free Phone/Email/Chat Support.
  • No set up costs and no hidden costs.

Afghanistan  Cyprus Japan Philippines
Albania Czech Republic Jordan Poland
Algeria Denmark Kazakhstan Portugal
Andorra Djibouti Kenya Qatar
Angola Dominica Kiribati Reunion
Anguilla Dominican Republic Korea(South) Romania
Antigua Dummy Brazil Kuwait Russia
Argentina Ecuador Kyrgyz Republic Rwanda
Armenia Egypt Lao People Saint Kitts
Aruba El Salvador Latvia Saint Lucia 
Australia Equatorial Guinea Lebanon Saint Vincent
Austria Estonia Lesotho Saudi Arabia
Azerbaijan Ethiopia Liberia Senegal
Bahamas F.Y.R Macedonia Libya Seychelles
Bahrain Faroe Islands Liechtenstein Sierra Leone
Bangladesh Fiji Lithuania Singapore
Barbados Fiji Islands Luxembourg Slovakia
Barbuda Finland Macau Slovwnia
Belarus France Madagascar South Africa
Belgium French Guiana Malawi Spain
Belize French Polynesia Malaysia Srilanka 
Benin Gabon Maldives Sudan
Bermuda Gambia Mali Swaziland
Bhutan Georgia Malta Sweden
Bolivia Germany Martinique Switzerland
Bosnia and Herzegowina Ghana Mauritius Syrian Arab
Botswana Giblartar Mayotte Taiwan
Brazil Gibraltar Mexico Tajikistan
Brunei Darussalam Greece Moldova Tanzania
Bulgaria Greenland Monaco Thailand
Burkina Faso Grenada Mongolia Togo
Burundi Guadeloupe Morocco Trinidad and Tobago 
Cambodia Guatemala Mozambique Tunisia
Cameroon Guinea Namibia Turkey
Canada Guinea-Bissau Nepal Turkmenistan
Cape Verde Guyana Netherlands Uganda
Cayman Islands Haiti Netherlands Antilles Ukraine
Central African Republic Honduras New Caledonia United Arab Emirates
Chad Hong Kong NewZealand United Kingdom
Chile Hungary Nicaragua United States
China Iceland Niger Uruguay
Colombia Uganda Nigeria Uzbekistan
Comoros Indonesia Norway Venezuela 
Congo IranIraq Oman Vietnam
Congo-Democratic  Ireland Pakistan Yemen
Costa Rica Israel Palestinian Authority Yugoslavia
Cote D"Ivoire Italy Paraguay Zambia
Croatia Ivory Coast Peru Zimbabwe
Cuba Jamaica    

:: Bulk SMS Plans ::

Select the plan that optimizes your sales and which comes under your budget and let your business boom and your profit graph rise. With various packages we provide you full support and best quality work so as to fulfil your goals. Below is the list of our pricing as per the packages. -

Code Name Mobile Operator INR To Money Convert
UG Uganda Celtel Uganda 2.836 Click Here
UG Uganda MTN Uganda Ltd. 2.836 Click Here
UG Uganda Uganda Telecom Ltd. 3.448 Click Here

No Hidden Cost

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  • Service Tax Applicable (10.30%)
  • No hidden Cost
  • Validity of each plan is Current month only